WIWO Projects

Prospects for the near future:
WIWO in 2000 and later

No roads, only directions

In the near future, WIWO intends to continue organising expeditions to various important wetland areas in the world. In this, WIWO will maintain to be a well-derfined and accessible intermediary between financing organisations and governmental bodies on the one hand and volunteer ornithologists on the other. Main research will be in the fields of census work and migration ecology.

To be able to determine high priority expedition goals and raise funds for realisation, WIWO holds close co-operation with several organisations. These are financing organisations as well as counterpart organisations in many countries. Among others, we hope that our relationships with the Dutch Ministry of Agriculture, Nature Management and Fisheries and with Wetlands International will prove to be lasting even in times where everything seems to change every few years.

In 1999, WIWO has completed a new Forward Plan for the period 1999-2003. The priorities for the years to come are described here. Also more detailed information on the organisation and its past activities can be found in the Forward Plan 1999-2003.