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Publication number 65. Stichting WIWO

Title: Surveys of flora and fauna in the Senné fishponds area, Slovakia, spring 1997, with supplement august 1998.
Author(s): A.P. Wieland
Publication date: 1999


The Senné fishponds is one of the most important Slovakian wetlands. It is situated along the Central European and Eastern European flyways of migratory birds. During the migration season up to 20,000 waterbirds use this Ramsar Site as top-over site. However, there was little information available on the inmportance of this area as breeding site and stop-over site for birds and of other fauna and flora.

In order to fill the major gap in our knowledge of the ecological function of the Senné fishponds a study was carried out in spring 1997. This report is a summary of the most important results of this project. It includes descriptions of the Senné fishponds area, the results of the ecological studies, discussions (threats), recommendations to manage the Senné fishponds area and results of ecological studies in August 1998.

The information collected during this project set a baseline for:
  • a programm of monitoring of the ecological elements in this area in future;
  • a management plan;
  • nature development
  • nature protection

The report contains:
  • A slovakian and a dutch summary
  • Descriptions of the study area and methods
  • Accounts of breeding birds, non-passerines, passerines, ringed birds, dragonflies, butterflies, mammals, amphibians, reptiles and flora
  • Discussion and recommendation for management