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Title: Searching for Slender-billed Curlews in Iran, January-February 2000
Author(s): T.M. van der Have, G.O. Keijl, J. Mansoori, V.V. Morozov
Publication date: January 2001
PDF-download: Searching for Slender-billed Curlews in Iran, January-February 2000


(1) Between 13 January and 3 February 2000 about 20 wetlands were visited to count waterbirds and pay special attention to the presence of Slender-billed Curlew Numenius tenuirostris, a globally threatened species. At least, 1,200 Eurasian Curles N. arquata and 250 Whimbrels N. phaeopus were checked individually, as well as several hundreds of Bartailed Godwits Limosa lapponica and Black-tailed Todwits L. limosa, but no Slender-billed Curlews were observerd.

(2) More than 53,000 waterbirds of 82 species were counted during the survey, including Globally threateded Species like Dalmation Pelican, Marbled Teal, Ferrugineous Duck, White-tailed Eagle, Greater Spotted Eagle, and Imperial Eagle. Only a small part of the wetlands along the Iranian Gulf coast were counted, which suggests that the total Iranian Gulf coast is very important for waterbirds and in particular fo waders and Dalmation Pelican. Several wader species were observed which are rare in Iran (Great Knot, Spurwinged Lapwing, Pacific Golden Plover) as well as good numbers of Broad-billed Sandpiper and White-tailed Lapwing.

(3) The Hilleh Protected Area (42,600 ha) and Monde Protected Area (46,700 ha) were found tob e suitable for Slender-billed curlew, as well as much of the surrounding area up to Bushehr and Monde River Delta, and consist of irrigated wheat fields, extensive salt marshes, marshland and intertidal mudflats. Both areas have a favourable conservation status. At leasst three weeks of field works is needed to survey this extensive area thoroughly for the presence of Slender-billed Curlews.

The report contains:
  • Study areas & methods
  • Results & discussion
  • References
  • Appendix with bird species list, interesting observations, mammels, total number of observed waterbirds, Gazetteer and a list of Global Positioning System positions