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Title: Distribution and status of Great Bustards, Otis tarda, in the Konya Basin, Turkey, spring 2000
Authors: C. Heunks, E. Heunks, G. Eken and B. Kurt
Publication date: 2002


The Great Bustard, Otis tarda, is a globally threated species. Information on numbers and distribution in Turkey is scarce. Previous work of DHKD suggested that probably the best area for Great Bustards in Turkey is the converted steppe of the Central Anatolian Plateau. For this reason a Great Bustard survey was carried out in this region, here termed the Konya Basin, in spring 2000. During this survey 83 birds (34 males) were located in four different areas within the Konya Basin. Birds were found on three different display grounds. Habitat descriptions of display grounds do not suggest any exclusive relationship between Great Bustard distribution and habitat, but human activity is substantial in all areas ant there are strong indications that the suitability of display grounds depends on the relative intensity of human activity. Numbers are still significant in this region, but the species is subject to heavy disturbance and the status of these populations is far from secure. Extrapolation of basin-wide numbers is not possible given current data. Additional surveys are recommended to discover new display grounds and to gain an insight into seasonal movemnets by Great Bustard. Conservation action is recommended to safeguard the Turkish Great Bustard population in the near future.

The report contains:
  • Summary and introduction
  • Description of the study area
  • Methodology and results
  • Discussion, conclusions and recommendations
  • List with all observed bird species during the survey