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Title: Waterbird census of coastal Cameroon and Sanaga River
Editor: Jaap J. van der Waarde
Authors: Gordon Ajonina, Chi Napoleon, Roger Skeen and Jaap J. van der Waarde
Publication date: 2007
PDF-download: Waterbird census of coastal Cameroon and Sanaga River 2007


A bird survey was carried out from January to March 2007 of the coastal wetlands of Cameroon and the lower Sanaga River.
Cameroon is situated on the East Atlantic and Mediterranean flyways, migration routes for Palaearctic waders, terns and other bird species.
This WIWO report describes the results of this study. The coastal wetlands are described, and for all 66 species of waterbirds present, numbers and estimates for the total coast are presented. The coast of Cameroon is important for Palaearctic waders and Afrotropical waterbirds. Numbers of African Skimmer, Grey Pratincole, Royal Tern and Little Tern exceed the 1% population threshold. Three areas, the Ndian Basin on the Northern coast, the Wouri or Douala estuary and the lower reaches of the Sanaga pass several criteria for the Ramsar Convention and qualify as wetland of international importance. All three areas currently face threats of habitat destruction due to human interventions including oil exploration, hydropower dam construction, industrial developments, clearing of mangroves and overfishing. Conservation actions are recommended, including designation of three areas under the Ramsar Convention and poverty alleviation programs for the population that inhabit these areas.
Opportunities for birding tourism along the coast of Cameroon are described.

Apart from these, the report contains:

  • Summary in English and French
  • List with Faunistical varia