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Publication number 84. Stichting WIWO

Title: Waterbirds in coastal wetlands of Sierra Leone, January - February 2005
Authors: Jan van der Winden, Alhaji Siaka, Sjoerd Dirksen & Martin Poot
Publication date: 2007
PDF-download: Waterbirds in coastal wetlands of Sierra Leone 2005


coastal wetlands in Sierra Leone were censused for bird numbers during the period January/February 2005: Scarcies Estuary, Sierra Leone River Estuary, Ywri Bay, Turtle Islands and Sherbro Island. In total 94,000 waterbirds were counted and more than 115,000 were estimated to be present in coastal brackish and marine wetlands. Based on the results, all area met the ornithological criteria to be listed as Important Bird Areas (IBA's) or as Wetlands of International Importance (Ramsar Convention). Apart from this, staff of CSSL and WCB were extensively trained in waterbird identification, counting waterbirds and related methods (GPS, analysing techniques). Also, during the trip 11 villages were visited for extensive discussions with local authorities about conservation topics. From these interviews information was collected about the occurrence of other species (groups) e.g. marine turtles, manatees. Also interviews were taken on hunting pressure and willingness to conserve threatened species.

Apart from these, the report contains:

  • a comparison with earlier waterbird counts
  • a trip report to Shenge peninsula, Sierra Leone, 22 to 24 October 2004